Article by José Roca in Valencia Plaza: using works of art to obtain financing

The specialized economic newspaper Valencia Plaza has published an article by José Roca, managing partner of Kaizen Consulting, dedicated to financing through works of art: “Art is also on the rise to obtain financing“. In it, he details that “loans backed by works of art are a growing reality that can be accessed by individuals and companies that own a collection of works of art. Around them there is a growing market of financiers specialized in this area.” The text details that “Currently the market offers liquidity backed by artistic pieces, both through financial firms specialized in art and by traditional and alternative banking financiers. Today, resorting to artistic heritage as collateral to obtain liquidity is an option of maximum interest, since access to credit has become much more difficult and rates have skyrocketed. In this sense, the options for accessing a wide variety of financiers in the market that work in all areas of specialization are increasing, including those that provide liquidity using works of art as collateral and anywhere in the world.”

Art is, at this moment and worldwide, the most profitable luxury investment. For this reason, José Roca explains that “when faced with a financial need, those who own a relevant artistic heritage can consider making it their collateral to access the liquidity they are looking for. In these cases, we recommend holders of works of art to explore the possibilities of converting this heritage into liquidity without getting rid of it.” Click here to read the full article.

We recommend expert advice in order to access this financing under the best conditions. For any questions, please contact Kazen Consulting and we will study your case personally.

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