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We help you to improve the financial management of your business to obtain the best liquidity and the best results


Do you have the feeling that you can improve things but don't know how or where to start? The first step doesn't get you where you want to go, but it gets you out of where you are.
  • Creating a strategic plan
  • Financial planning
  • Interim manager
  • Steering committee
  • Obtaining funds
  • Creating teams
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Obtaining financing

Would you like to know what financing you have access to for your project or business?
  • Alternative banking specialists
  • Extension of working capital limitse
  • Negotiations with financial institutions
  • Long-term operations
  • Public banking
  • Project finance
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Interesting facts

Uncovering the incredible opportunities for improvement that are hidden in the company together with our employees, is where we shine the most, by offering practical, simple, and inexpensive actions.

How many questions are we failing to ask ourselves in order to explore the opportunities for improvement that the company undoubtedly has?

At Kaizen Consulting, we pursue this business model and implement it in finance, strategy, and management. We work within companies, to improve their management and results.


We identify the problems or areas in which we can implement improvements.

We have the ability to discover the incredible opportunities for improvement that are hidden within the business and market. At Kaizen Consulting, we are fully committed to obtaining qualitative and quantitative results.


Plan of action

We come up with practical, simple, and inexpensive solutions that are presented in a work plan with possible courses of action and people involved. We will explain and demonstrate why something is not working and how we can improve it.


Whatever the circumstance, we will select the best team to achieve the objective with an intervention designed and implemented according to our client’s needs.

We effectively implement our continuous improvement model in the company’s main areas of management.

We like proactive people, who don’t have to be pushed, who don’t have to be told to do things, but who know what needs to be done and do it. People who fight against adversity and look for solutions.

At Kaizen Consulting, we recognise ourselves in this quote by Mario Benedetti. “If your business is at crossroads or you want to go one step further, get in touch and we will help you.

Set objectives to maximise results, both quantitative (maximising profits) and qualitative (generation of relevant information, internal and external communication, innovation, efficiency, etc.)
Focus on concrete objectives, avoid time thieves, prioritise, know how to say no, focus on customer satisfaction, commitment, process optimisation, etc.
We know that everything is always achieved with a high dose of effort and dedication, so we implement a teamwork system that allows us to do more and better, always with shared objectives.
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Han confiado en nosotros

Somos una empresa joven y con muchos años de experiencia en el mundo de la empresa en diferentes sectores, y tenemos ya la oportunidad de contar con clientes que han confiado en nosotros.


Contact Kaizen Consulting and find out how a new strategic vision and personalised advice can help your business