Treatment is always individualised

At Kaizen Consulting “the treatment is always individualised“, focusing on achieving the client’s objectives in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost, because results are our reason for being.

As each organisation is different, we adapt to the problems, demands, concerns, projects, challenges or specific service to be provided for each of our clients.

Therefore, we always make a diagnosis when we start a project, knowing the staff, the basic information about the company, the working methods, habits, processes, working conditions, working hours, the workplace... The more we understand the internal functioning, the less effort (in economic and time terms) we will have to make to achieve the result.

Our method


Once all the agents, processes, and factors have been identified, we come up with concrete, simple and inexpensive solutions that are presented in a work plan with possible lines to follow and people involved, selecting the most feasible ones together with our client


When you make the diagnosis, regardless of whether it’s the best one, if you don’t get someone to push it, it’s useless. We will demonstrate and convince you why something is not right and how we can improve it. Whatever the circumstance, we will select the best team to achieve the objective with an EXECUTION designed and implemented according to our client’s needs.

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