In times of turmoil, safeguarding the liquidity is paramount: achieve it with the assistance of Kaizen Consulting

The best advice that can be given to a company to face turbulent times is to protect its liquidity. Liquidity is key for any business to withstand the fluctuations of the economy. And this is even more critical in the current moment, with the threat of recession and multiple instability factors affecting companies since the pandemic. At Kaizen Consulting, we are experts in maximizing companies’ financing options and helping you obtain the liquidity you need to move forward with your business plans.

How to maximize your financing options

depth understanding of both the national and international financing market, traditional banking, and alternative banking. We have the contacts and knowledge of numerous financial products: we study the reality of each company and its needs to offer liquidity and obtain the best tailored financing solution.

Kaizen Consulting offers two main service areas:

  • Consulting for companies. We conduct business plans to diagnose the company’s situation, analyze its economic and financial reality, and thoroughly understand its needs to propose solutions to improve its liquidity. We support the financial department with specific, measurable, and quantifiable proposals to achieve its goals.
  • Obtaining financing. We manage the entire process of searching for financing for the company and accompany it through the entire process until the signing. We select the financiers and products that best serve the company and take care of all necessary procedures.

Let Kaizen Consulting take care of your financing

The financing market has grown exponentially in recent years, multiplying the options available to companies. It is an increasingly specialized and international market that requires knowledge to access and find the most suitable formulas in each case. This is a sector that Kaizen Consulting knows and masters perfectly, seeking the best financing options for its clients.

If you entrust Kaizen Consulting with the search for financing for your company, you guarantee:

  • Specialized advice
  • Multiple liquidity options tailored to you
  • Support throughout the process, from search to signing

The Kaizen Consulting team can become an extension of your company’s financial department, focused on obtaining financing. This allows you to fully dedicate yourself to your business and outsource a key service that requires specialists to be fully operational.

An expert team at your service

In our more than four years of experience, Kaizen Consulting has grown spectacularly in the number of clients and the financing figures obtained for them. During 2022, we obtained €120 million for our clients, doubling our revenue compared to the previous year, and we continue to grow in 2023.

Our team of financing specialists is the best guarantee of the quality of our work, endorsed by the recommendations of our clients.

Why our clients recommend us

En el “News” section of our website you can find multiple examples of our tailor-made work for companies from very different sectors. Our clients explain how the professional collaboration with Kaizen Consultinguestros clientes has been and rate it very positively for multiple reasons.

Here is a summary of the reasons why our clients recommend seeking financing with Kaizen Consulting:

  • We provide tailored solutions
  • We solve financial problems
  • We are proactive and fast
  • We open up your financing options
  • We are your external financing department
  • We are experts and have extensive experience in the number of clients, volume of financing obtained, types of financing, and number of financiers, both national and international.
  • We are always there for you, 24/7

Anticipating the rise in interest rates

The rise in interest rates is a new setback that companies face when financing themselves: an increase in rates that adds to that of materials and prices. To combat this inflationary situation, the best remedy is planning. At Kaizen Consulting, we are experts in financial advice and provide solutions for you to obtain the liquidity you need on the best market terms, working on your financial and business plan.

What are you waiting for to get to know us? We are at your disposal in our offices in Valencia and Madrid to study your company and propose tailored financing solutions.

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