Interview with José Roca in Economía 3 about corporate financing

The specialized magazine Economía 3 has interviewed José Roca, managing partner of Kaizen Consulting, to know his opinion on the current situation of companies, as a specialist in obtaining financing and economic-financial consulting. The article highlights the individualized treatment offered by Kaizen Consulting, “focusing on obtaining the financing sought by the client, in the shortest time and at the lowest possible cost”. The headline of the interview is a statement by José Roca: “The current environment is very complicated for SMEs”.

In the face of the current economic uncertainty, the escalation of prices and the increase in the cost of credit, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain the financing they need. For this reason, Economía 3 asks José Roca if this has influenced the increase in demand for advice from Kaizen Consulting. His answer is: “Frankly, yes. SMEs have realized that the current environment is tremendously complicated. And any help is too little to be able to keep thinking about the business and not get distracted by other areas that have nothing to do with the activity. That is where we are most valued: in the option of outsourcing an increasingly complex area”.

The interviewer focuses on the growth of more than 100% that Kaizen Consulting has experienced in 2022 compared to the previous year. José Roca explains that these figures are due “to the trust of our clients, who introduce us to people they know and who, little by little, discover how we work and appreciate the added value we provide, which is measurable, quantifiable and, moreover, has no cost: they only pay if we get them results. We continue to place the client at the center of our day-to-day work, providing them with value and results. We live by results and that is the only thing that concerns us: providing value day by day, and client by client.”

Click here to read the complete interview of José Roca in Economía 3.


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