Interview with José Roca in El Mundo: Kaizen Consulting provides financing solutions for SMEs

The newspaper El Mundo published an interview with José Roca, managing partner at Kaizen Consulting. In the headline, he describes our company as “the financing solution for SMEs. “The article explains that “in just four years, Kaizen Consulting has established itself as a benchmark in obtaining financing for companies” and “this year alone, it has secured 120 million euros for its clients. SMEs from all over Spain use its services to obtain sufficient financing to cope with the current times. Cash flow is the most important thing at the moment, and the increasing difficulties in accessing financing are what drives Kaizen Consulting, which has grown by more than 100% in 2022.”

José Roca identifies customer trust as a key factor in Kaizen Consulting’s work: “We are very familiar with traditional banking and alternative banking, which is still largely unknown to SMEs. We know who is who in the world of funders, what they like to fund and what they need to be able to analyse a project on a case-by-case basis. In the world of financing, new players and new solutions emerge every day and this is where Kaizen is always present, allowing it to cover all types of needs regardless of the sector, size or circumstances of the company. We are dedicated exclusively to helping companies obtain the liquidity they need to fulfil their business plans and maximise their financing options through knowledge of the market.”

Kaizen Consulting’s managing partner explains in the interview the support that SMEs need because they can’t always access all the financing they require: “Traditional solutions no longer work. We listen to the entrepreneur’s needs to fulfill their business plan and provide solutions. We present options and guide them throughout the process until they sign the transactions. He mentions examples of “loans with repayment installments only at maturity or with a grace period of several years that allow you to tailor-make the perfect loan for the company. Rentback operations allow the company to monetise the assets it has on its balance sheet, without being in-debt. Solutions to customer advance through customised factoring: with recourse, non-recourse, with or without globality, national or international, with public entities, etc. Another interesting option is to finance imports in any currency to make guarantees all over the world which aren’t accounted for in CIRBE and without having to pledge as some entities require, or to finance sustainability or renewable energy projects with specialised financiers who understand the risk. What’s more, you avoid having to jump through the hoops of cross-selling every time you sign something with your bank. In other words, to provide this working capital credit line, they shouldn’t require a personal guarantee, when they ask for a guarantee they shouldn’t be required to pledge a percentage of the amount or, if they sign a loan, they shouldn’t be obliged to pledge a personal investment fund.”

Kaizen Consulting ha logrado este año 120 millones de financiación para más 70 clientes: “Una parte son operaciones clásicas como pólizas, créditos, confirming, factoring, renting, anticipos de exportación o financiación de importaciones. Pero también hay operaciones a medida y no habituales: un aval para licitar en un país africano coordinado con un banco local, habilitar líneas para financiar a los clientes de nuestros clientes, operaciones de rentback sobre activos como barricas de vino, cajas del sector hortofrutícola, maquinaria del sector azulejero, ayuda a la emisión de pagarés o salidas a cotización en el BME Growth.”

In the interview published by El Mundo, José Roca also stresses the support his company provides to the financial departments of SMEs “to avoid problems and reach timely solutions. There are 14 professionals in the team and we help our clients keep a close eye on their cash flow, stockpile liquidity, and have adequate working capital lines in case of possible shortcomings. We believe that anticipation is key. We provide financial and economic consultancy services for cash planning and good financial analysis from the outside, which really helps companies make good decisions.”

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