Interview with José Roca on Plaza Podcast: “It’s no longer enough to finance yourself with the traditional bank”

José Roca, founding partner of Kaizen Consulting, was interviewed by Plaza Podcast on the occasion of the Forinvest 2024 fair, dedicated to economics and finance. The interview, conducted by Rafa Lupión after José Roca’s participation in an expert panel at Forinvest, focused on the current financing opportunities available to companies and how Kaizen Consulting helps them achieve their liquidity objectives with tailored solutions to their needs.

José Roca reviews the current financing market, explaining how it has evolved in recent times. While a few years ago most companies were financed by their trusted bank, nowadays it is essential to combine traditional bank financing with alternative banking: “It is no longer sufficient to rely on the traditional bank alone.” The market of financiers has grown significantly, requiring specialized advice to access solutions available to SMEs. Kaizen Consulting masters this market of financiers, both in traditional and alternative banking, in Spain and internationally. This ensures access to the most convenient financing in each case and is done with full support throughout the process: from search to financing agreement.

You can access the interview on Plaza Podcast from this link.

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