José Roca in Valencia Plaza: “The range of funders is fragmenting”

The digital newspaper Valencia Plaza mentioned José Roca’s talk at Forinvest on financing models, headlined with one of his statements: “The range of financiers is fragmenting.” The news article collates the opinion of the managing partner of Kaizen Consulting on “the need for SMEs to open up to new financing solutions beyond purely banking ones. The scenario has changed completely: of the more than 60 Spanish financial institutions, ten remain and the merger process is not over, ratings are worse than before the pandemic, ICO guarantees end in July, and we are suffering from inflation, uncertainty in the evolution of raw materials and rising costs.”

The Valencia Plaza report echoes José Roca’s ideas on the need, especially for SMEs, to “make financial decisions and open up to new solutions because the old ones are no longer sufficient. They have to be open to the many options that the market offers in both traditional and alternative banking.” In his opinion, “they have to let themselves be advised to be able to find tailor-made solutions. At Kaizen Consulting, we work with more than 180 funders: there is a whole universe of options that SMEs cannot possibly master. They need guidance to know which door to knock on and how to do it. There are many companies that are doing fantastic work but have not put their business plan into a good document. Helping them with this makes it easier for them to get the liquidity they need to launch their projects.”

Thanks to his experience as Head of Kaizen Consulting, Roca is familiar with the innovative solutions available for financing, “such as selling any equipment or asset of a company to generate liquidity. Leaseback or rentback offers this possibility and even allows to incorporate stocks as collateral.” The fragmentation of funders “increases the options available to small and medium-sized businesses. The possibility of going public has now expanded and is not only an alternative for large companies, much like the issuance of bonds and promissory notes.”

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