Kaizen Consulting joins CEV to bring new financing solutions to SMEs

Kaizen Consulting has partnered with the Business Confederation of the Valencian Community (CEV) to bring new financing solutions to companies, especially SMEs. At Kaizen Consulting, we believe it’s essential that the business fabric is financially prepared to adapt to the new and changing economic environment in which we live.

The incorporation of Kaizen Consulting into CEV reaffirms our desire to get closer to small and medium-sized companies, by offering our knowledge and experience in the field of financial management and the search for financing.

Our managing partner, José Roca, highlights “the need to advise and accompany SMEs in the transition to a new economic phase, which requires the use of new financing solutions. There is a lot of talk about Industry 2.0, digitalisation processes, sustainability, and the metaverse, but there is still a lack of awareness of the financial transformation we are undergoing. Because financing must also be done differently, adapted to the new economic reality and the changes that are being imposed to access liquidity solutions.”

Kaizen Consulting’s aim is to support CEV’s knowledge and advice on financing, placing our team at the service of companies that need support in the new processes of obtaining financing.


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