Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions

How do I know what would be the best way forward for my company at the moment? Do I bring in a partner to develop my strategy, do I start a process to find out if I’m interested in selling my company, do I investigate alternatives to buy a company or part of its shares to integrate it into my business?


We help you find partners/investors

We study the feasibility of the projects beforehand. When a company sets an objective (purchase of another company, geographic expansion plan or gain of shares, etc.), we look for partners or investors to achieve this.

We help you identify and select targets

On a national or international level, we identify targets that fit the search parameters defined by our client in terms of size, geographic area, sector, etc.

Selling companies

When our clients are considering selling their company, we guarantee maximum confidentiality and advice during the whole or part of the process.

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