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Our consultancy for companies will help you solve problems and improve results. We advise in different areas: we make diagnoses, design action plans and business plans, take on assisted or temporary management, accompany management committees or boards of directors.


Kaizen Consulting's mission

  • To build strong relationships between our clients and lenders
  • To facilitate positive engagements between our clients & lenders
  • To comprehensively support the compliance needs of the lenders with our clients
  • To aid commercial growth
  •  To help generate new business leads
  • To champion professional development & life-long lending
  • To provide a wide range of exclusive business support services
  • To give a voice in the lender industry those who can effect change
  • To welcome you to the friendly supportive service 24×7


Our work system is based on full involvement with our client: we analyse the needs of each company and propose tailor-made solutions to promote the company’s development. We draw up business plans, create and implement quantifiable objectives with their corresponding follow-up. We are also specialists in accompanying clients who want to access international markets. At Kaizen Consulting we draw up and implement strategic plans, currency management, restructuring of areas, departments or business units.

Our Services


At Kaizen Consulting we are specialists in factoring services, which allow any company to collect the amount of its accounts receivable in advance. It is a formula with which the company obtains immediate liquidity to maintain its cash flow. This solution is ideal for improving your response capacity and streamlining your daily operations without having to wait for your customers to pay.


Our confirming service guarantees the efficient management of supplier payments, ensuring that your invoices are paid on time through our financial solutions. This not only improves your relationship with your suppliers, but also optimises your supply chain and reduces the risk of non-payment.


At Kaizen Consulting we facilitate leaseback operations, where your company can sell assets and lease them immediately, obtaining liquidity without losing the use of the assets. This financial strategy allows you to free up capital tied up in assets to reinvest in other strategic areas of your business. We are specialists in asset finance: formulas that allow you to monetise your balance sheet, obtaining liquidity and financial advantages using your own resources.

Bridge achievement

We provide access to short-term bridging loans to cover your temporary financing needs while you find a suitable long-term financing solution. This tool is crucial for companies in times of transition, such as acquisitions or expansions, providing stability and operational continuity.

Obtaining guarantees

At Kaizen Consulting we manage the obtaining of guarantees all over the world, providing guarantees that back up your obligations and allow you to access better financing conditions. We have an extensive network of financial institutions that allows us to secure the best options for your business both nationally and internationally.

Real Estate

We have extensive experience in the real estate sector, managing the specific financing needs of projects that require significant financial support. Access to specialised and alternative financiers is increasingly important in this sector, which is experiencing an investment boom.


We help your business manage working capital, ensuring you have the resources you need to provide the short-term liquidity your business requires for day-to-day operations. Our experience in working capital optimisation will improve your liquidity and capacity for growth, reducing costs and improving your profitability.

Project finance

At Kaizen Consulting we advise on the long-term financing of projects that require a high level of investment. We structure these financings where repayments are made from the cash flows generated by the project, minimising the financial risk to your company. Our specialised approach ensures that each project has a robust and sustainable.

Debt restructuring

We offer debt restructuring services, renegotiating the terms of your obligations to improve your payment terms and ease your financial burden. We work closely with your creditors to create a plan that is beneficial to all parties involved, allowing your company to restore its financial health.

Long-term loans

We manage the signing of long-term loans, designed to finance capital investments or business expansions, tailored to the specific needs of your business. These tailor-made financial solutions enable companies to confidently plan for long-term growth and achieve their strategic objectives.

International business

At Kaizen Consulting we facilitate international business transactions, supporting your company in exports, imports and multinational operations. We offer expert advice on international regulations, market entry strategies and risk management, with access to international financiers from traditional and alternative banking to ensure the success of your global operations.

Public funding

We help your company to obtain public funding, advising you on how to access government resources that support projects and developments with economic and social impact. Our knowledge of public programmes and subsidies will allow you to take advantage of these opportunities to boost your growth and development.


We offer rent back solutions, allowing your company to sell assets, which can be real estate or equipment, and immediately lease them back. It is a formula for obtaining liquidity without losing the use of your assets. This strategy involves tax benefits with great flexibility.

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