Supporting a food company in financing its growth

Dunany Foods is a young, fast-growing food company based in Portugal. To meet their financing needs, they have turned to Kaizen Consulting and as Xavier Pérez, one of their administrators, explains, “they have provided us with solutions from day one, adding value to find the best solutions adapted to what we were looking for. We obtained a very satisfying and quick result with them.”

– Why did you contact Kaizen Consulting?

– We turned to Kaizen Consulting after they were recommended. We needed financing for our projects, so we sat down with Inma Baixauli and José Roca to explain the investment we wanted to undertake. From the first day, they understood us perfectly and empathised with our way of working, offering valuable ideas.

– Was the process quick?

– Yes, very quick. The first contact was at the end of April and Kaizen Consulting’s proposal was an excellent fit. Time is key for us, not only because of the speed of the response but also because they take care of everything, and that makes your job much easier. They do everything for you, with daily updates and managing all documentation. Instead of forcing you to have a team for these financial issues, outsourcing this service to Kaizen has given us a very satisfying and fast result.

– Would you recommend outsourcing the search for financing to other companies?

– Of course. Outsourcing makes a company’s operations and structures much easier. It would be very difficult to be better connected with funders than the team of specialists at Kaizen Consulting. They know all the options available on the market inside out and all the possibilities within a company’s reach.

– Did you opt for traditional or alternative banking?

– We didn’t care whether it was traditional or alternative banking, we were open to all options. In the end, the operation was split between different funders of both types and from different countries. We have approached banks in Spain and Portugal at the same time and international financiers to get the liquidity we wanted to obtain.

– How would you define Kaizen Consulting’s support?

– They have guided and supported us throughout the whole process, taking care of practically everything. We have hardly had to do anything because the managed it all. It was very simple and very effective.

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