Take advantage of new financing opportunities with Kaizen Consulting: more Next Generation funds and credit through the ICO

The Council of Ministers has approved the addendum to the Recovery Plan, which represents a new financing opportunity that companies can take advantage of with the advice of Kaizen Consulting. It includes investment and reform commitments to attract a further 94.3 million in European Next Generation funds to Spain until 2026, which will be added to the 70 million of the first phase.

Through the planned investments, a total of:

  • 7.7 million in additional transfers.
  • 2.644 million through the REpowerEU program.
  • Up to 84 million in loans, which will allow the establishment of a safety net and prolong the current investment cycle in the coming years.

The Government has announced that companies will have 22.5 million in financing available to carry out their projects, especially in sustainable investments, through the different funds that will be managed by the Official Credit Institute (ICO). For the management of these funds, the public-private collaboration will be of great importance, especially with financial institutions, which will allow companies of all sizes and sectors of activity anywhere in Spain to access the loans. In this way, companies are supported in their adaptation to the new framework of economic sustainability, strengthening their competitiveness and access to new markets, while at the same time giving a decisive boost to sustainable finance.

Charged to the loans, the autonomous communities and the companies will have financing in favorable conditions and long repayment terms to finance projects, especially for sustainable investments.

For more information and advice on accessing this funding, please consult Kaizen Consulting.

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