The Spanish Factoring Association incorporates Kaizen Consulting as a member

The Spanish Factoring Association (AEF) has welcomed Kaizen Consulting cas a member of the entity. The AEF brings together the main financial entities practicing this activity in our country and a distinguished group of companies advising on these operations, such as AON, Equifax, or Telefonica Factoring. This association aims to improve factoring and confirming activity in Spain, safeguarding the prestige of this activity, promoting studies on it, and representing its members before public administrations.

José Roca, founding partner of Kaizen Consulting, emphasizes that “it is an honor and recognition for our company to be part of an association that brings together a select group of 25 companies and financial entities dedicated to factoring and confirming in Spain. It is an activity in full growth and increasingly used by companies, as evidenced by last year’s record data: credit assignments reached €270.393 billion in 2023.”

The Spanish Factoring Association (AEF) has announced in its annual report that credit assignments increased by 6% last year to reach that record figure of €270.393 billion. In 2022, factoring and confirming services grew by 27.87%.

AEF data for the year 2023 indicates that factoring is growing at a faster rate than the economy. Factoring is a financial product that offers, among other services, financing through the purchase of invoices. Last year, it increased by 4.79%, after surging in 2022 by 28.95%. It reached a volume of €133.750 billion:

  • National factoring: €96.362 billion (+3.7%)
  • International factoring: €37.388 billion (+7.7%).

Meanwhile, confirming focuses on supplier payment services and in 2023 experienced a 7.3% increase, reaching €136.643 billion. According to the AEF, the volume of payment orders managed exceeds €254 billion, of which 89% are domestic orders. In terms of geographical distribution, Madrid, Catalonia, Valencia, and the Basque Country are the regions where factoring and confirming activities are concentrated, representing 79% of the total sector activity.

The press conference presenting the data from the annual report of the Spanish Factoring Association has received extensive coverage in the media. You can read the news from the following links in Cinco Días, El Economista, Forbes and La Razón.


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