We expanded our team and offices to better serve our customers

The growth experienced by Kaizen Consulting has led us to progressively expand our professional team and expand our offices in Valencia. Currently the team has grown to 16 professionals and we have two offices very close to each other, in the same street Cirilo Amorós, next to the Mercado de Colón.

We have moved our main office to number 62-A of Cirilo Amorós street, where our financial advisory team works. This new office has a larger work space to accommodate the Kaizen Consulting team, which has been reinforced in the last year with new incorporations to assume the growth in the number of clients experienced by our firm.

The new Kaizen Consulting office also has a large meeting room for teamwork and customer service, equipped with a technological system that also allows telematic meetings with the highest quality audio and video. In addition, we keep open the headquarters at number 64, Cirilo Amorós Street, where the consulting service is now concentrated, headed by Álvaro Benítez as partner in charge of this area.

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