Why do our clients recommend Kaizen Consulting?

Our clients recommend Kaizen Consulting. And not only do they do it privately and individually, but they also do it publicly, sharing on our website the experience they have had working with our team in the search for financing solutions for their companies. For the last three years, we have interviewed entrepreneurs who have trusted us and have told us why they recommend Kaizen Consulting. This is a summary of their reasons.

Because we provide tailor-made financial solutions

“They understood us very well from the very beginning. They have far exceeded our best expectations, they have been able to transfer our needs to the bank, and we have obtained a new pool.” Javier Donet, IML Solutions.

Each business plan is unique, and so are its financial needs. These needs are conditional by crises, price increases, rising costs, or by positive issues such as a large project or outstanding growth in a short period of time. We have experience in finding tailor-made solutions for each case.

Cerpa Cerámica turned to Kaizen Consulting to finance its international expansion. CEO Herminio Alós explains: “They have opened up a wide range of possibilities for us to finance our international growth and to organize all the company’s economic and financial management processes. Especially in the area of financing, very specialized advice is necessary and gives us a lot of peace of mind. With Kaizen’s support, we have begun to work with new tools that we had not used before, and that has been very useful for our day-to-day work and the whole team.”

Ricardo Romaguera, CEO of Tranesol, approached Kaizen Consulting because of the situation that the pandemic generated on his solar photovoltaic projects: “There was a regulatory standstill, and bureaucratic processes slowed down; this meant that most of the projects we planned to sell and execute in 2020 were delayed. Financial needs arose, and we decided to stockpile cash to face this generalized delay with full guarantees and also to be prepared for future contingencies.”

For a young company like IML Solutions, bank access was a priority, as its CFO Javier Donet explains: “We are a very young company that needed financing. We were born from buying a production unit in a bankruptcy process and that generates some initial distrust in banks. We needed to improve our access to them and we needed them to understand the peculiarities of our business. Kaizen Consulting understood us very well from the very first moment. They have far exceeded our best expectations, they have been able to transfer our needs to the banks, and we have obtained a new pool that perfectly covers our work model.”

Because we solve financial problems

“We are growing a lot with renewables, that growth needs financing and the banks we were working with were no longer covering all our needs.” José María Dávila, CEGASA.

Asier Muinelo, CEO of Suacara Lighting, explains his case: “We wanted to have enough cash flow to be able to supply ourselves because we saw that it was essential to have materials available in a difficult context, with problems of shortages. That was the challenge: to have the financing to back up any major project that came our way so that we could respond to our customers with solvency and that our only concern was R&D to develop prototypes to meet the needs of our new customers. With Kaizen’s advice, we managed to attract the interest of traditional financial institutions, because they prepared a great financing portfolio for us and defended it before the banks.”

CEGASA’s case was to support its rapid growth with liquidity: “We contacted Kaizen because we are growing a lot thanks to renewables: 60% in one year, and lithium-ion batteries are doubling sales annually. This growth needs financing, and the banks we were working with were no longer covering all our needs.” Explains its financial director, José María Dávila.

A young project like T-Box has an added difficulty that CFO, Javier Gala, highlights: “Raising funds to develop a company that is only a year and a half old, no matter how good its projects are. This has been a priority that we have covered for the moment with the help of Kaizen Consulting… They have become our link with the banks and have taken care of all the steps to achieve our goal successfully and in a very short period of time.”

Because we are proactive and fast

“With the support of Kaizen Consulting, I have the experience of obtaining in one month and a half the financing that would have taken me more than one year”. Victor Beltran, Wabi Home.

Wabi Home’s CEO, Víctor Beltrán, emphasizes the speed in finding financial solutions: “Everything went very well and, above all, very quickly. For me, as CEO, managing the financial part became a very big burden which I could not and should not dedicate as much time to as it required. With the support of Kaizen Consulting, I have the experience of obtaining in one month and a half the financing that would have taken me more than one year. We are very happy not only because of their knowledge of the banking and financial sector but also because of the professionalism of their team, which is always with the client and manages to arouse interest very quickly in the financiers. You get the first meeting right away, the process is accelerated, and the banks have responded positively and very quickly. Without their support, you have to go behind cold doors and everything is slower and more complex.”

The manager of Dunany Foods, Xavier Pérez, also emphasizes time as a key factor for his business: “The process was very fast and Kaizen Consulting’s proposal was a very good fit. Time is key for us, not only because of the speed of the response but also because they take care of everything, and that makes your work much easier. They do it for you, with daily contact and management of all the documentation.”

Grupo Davos CFO, Inocencio Arroyo, highlights that “We started working together in November, and by the end of December, we had already closed the solutions, we had solved most of our short-term liquidity problems. The Kaizen system is very focused on success, and we have established a system of continuous collaboration: they continue to look for financial formulas and options for us because they know us and what we are looking for.”

Because we open up your financing options

“The Kaizen Consulting team has opened my eyes to the importance of expanding the range of financiers and having an adequate banking pool.” Javier Gala, CFO of T-box.

José María Dávila, financial director of CEGASA, highlights how they have expanded their range of financiers: “Hand in hand with Kaizen Consulting, we have signed new financing for traditional banking and also for alternative banking. We have signed contracts with new banking entities, with which Kaizen has a very good entry, and we have also closed agreements with alternative financiers to which we did not have access. His knowledge of the markets and experience opens doors for you”.

Group Nudisco’s expansion with the opening of new supermarkets has also meant new financing formulas: “We saw that it was interesting to open up to alternative financing and the experience has been very good. We have continued to grow, maintaining excellent communication with Kaizen Consulting, and we continue to move forward together, signing operations. They are helping us a lot in expansion because most of the financing they have achieved is to expand with this large store opening, and we are on the right track.”

In the case of Dunany Foods, its manager explains that its financing operation “has been distributed among different financiers of both types and from different countries. We have resorted to banks in Spain and Portugal at the same time and to international financiers to obtain the liquidity we wanted to obtain.”

Javier Gala, CFO of T-box and Torres Last Mile, notes that “The Kaizen Consulting team has opened my eyes to the importance of broadening the range of financiers and having an adequate banking pool. It takes specialized knowledge of the entities to streamline processes and achieve credit objectives.”

In the case of Grupo Davos, they also accessed new sources of financing: “They immediately opened the doors to sit down with the banks, but they also presented us with many other options: with other financiers and with new tools that could help us. In fact, we finally opted for a non-traditional financing solution. Traditional bank providers are more restrictive when it comes to offering credit, and we were better suited to the offer of other financiers, who offer more agile formulas.”

Agribur’s financial director explains his experience: “We were looking for options and with the help of Kaizen Consulting we decided to complete our financing with alternative banking, French banking, and investment funds. In addition to including in our pool, banking entities that were not yet there. Thanks to Kaizen Consulting’s advice, we have used the assets we had to have more liquidity, with rentback and leaseback. Each of these two formulas has different advantages: with leaseback, I keep the assets on my balance sheet and amortize them, and with rentback, they cease to be assets, but we obtain tax advantages.”

Because we are an external financing department

“We left in their hands the task of finding the best formula because they are our external financial team, and we are very satisfied with the results.” Asier Munielo, Suacara Lighting.

Suacara Lighting’s CEO, Asier Muinelo, sums it up: “They are so operational that we have left 100% of the financing in their hands because we trust them completely and we know how they work. That allows us to fully dedicate ourselves to the development of our business: both the product and marketing. That is what we want to dedicate ourselves to so we don’t waste efforts on financial management, which is taken care of by Kaizen Consulting. Now, for example, we have a need to buy machinery and we leave in their hands the task of looking for the best formula; we let them advise us completely because they are our external financial team and we are very satisfied with the speed and the results.”

For Xavier Pérez, manager of Dunany Foods, it has been a good solution: “Outsourcing makes company’s operations and structure much easier. It would be very difficult to be better connected with financiers than the team of specialists at Kaizen Consulting, which has a perfect knowledge of all the offerings available on the market and all the possibilities within the reach of companies.”

Because we are experts

“We trusted Kaizen Consulting, and we have improved the financial department tremendously.” Pepe Navarro, Herbolario Navarro.

The CEO of Herbolario Navarro, Pepe Navarro, explains that his company came out of the COVID pandemic stronger and “we needed to be well advised financially. We are a company with many departments, and we have to be aware of many different aspects of the business at the same time: stores, logistics, quality control, production,… There came a time when the financial part was growing, and we wanted it to be very well managed at the same level of demand as the other areas. That’s why we trusted in Kaizen Consulting, and we have improved the financial department a lot.”

José María Dávila, CEGASA’s financial director, highlights that his company has opened up to new financial formulas: “Kaizen Consulting takes care of all this market exploration for us: there is a lot of hidden work because they search through the market of financiers to find the products that fit us at any given moment. They separate the wheat from the chaff and present us directly with what they know, we are interested in. It’s a very specialized job, which sometimes goes unseen but provides us with solutions quickly. For growing companies, I think it is ideal to have the know-how of specialists, who complement your financial department: they have the knowledge, and thanks to their agenda, doors open for you, and you receive the right attention to obtain liquidity.”

The CEO of Esparity Solar, Francisco Clavel, highlights the support he has received in obtaining the real value of his company to financiers: “The Kaizen team are experts in the renewable energy sector, and their contacts in traditional banking have helped us to convey the true value of our assets to the appropriate interlocutors in the institutions, a fair valuation that we need to finance our projects.”

Because we are with you

“We have bet on a winning horse to finance us, with a very quick return on the time invested. We were looking for a consulting firm that would accompany us in the financial part, not only in the search for financing.” Aaron Mira, Group Nudisco.

José Puig, CEO of Kactus Republic, highlights the support he received to overcome the post-pandemic circumstances: “It was very difficult for us to access new banks at that time. And that was the reason why we turned to Kaizen Consulting, to help us increase our banking pool and to be able to cover our purchasing and liquidity needs. It was very complicated for a company like ours, only three years old and in the current situation, to involve banks in our project. We needed accompaniment.”

Support when looking for financing is a fact highlighted by our clients. Aarón Mira, financial director of Group Nudisco, says: “We have found it in Kaizen Consulting. They are also working with us on the business plan: the document that serves as a roadmap to help us reach our destination, marking times and milestones in the process. We are now trying to apply the same model so that the openings of each new supermarket will be financed.”

Pepe Navarro, from Herbolario Navarro, says this about our team: “What we value most is the honesty and professionalism with which they work and also their day-to-day support. In addition, it gives us reliability: going to the banks with Kaizen Consulting is a good guarantee for the entities and makes it easier for the projects to go ahead.”

In the case of El Paeller, Guillermo Navarro explains that they took the advice of Kaizen Consulting to finance a major project: to build the world’s largest wood-fired paellero in Chiva. “From the first moment, we explained the project to them, they were fully involved in finding us the financing we were looking for and have accompanied us throughout the process. They put us in contact with different banking entities that believed in our project and also got involved. We are very satisfied because I think we have found the right people to finance us, we have perfectly covered our needs, and we felt accompanied.”

Empar Català, financial director of KliperDVila, also emphasizes the support of our team throughout the process of seeking funding: “The option that most suited us was to open our financial pool with more banks. Kaizen Consulting has been by our side throughout the process. We have felt very accompanied: they have introduced us to the bank managers, they have come to the meetings, and we have always felt that they were betting on the project.”

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